The 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Dancers

Our fabulous Miss Dylana has curated a “Holiday Gift Guide” for the dancers in your house this Christmas! Hopefully, these fun ideas will give you a helping hand in finishing your shopping! Some even make great stocking stuffers!

1. Turn Board

This tool can help you dancer find their center and improve their spot.

2. Dancer Problems Kit

Great for your competition or recital bag!

3. Magic Mitt Makeup Remover

Easily remove stage makeup with just water!

4. 5678 Bracelet

Every dancer’s favorite saying!

5. Bloch Warm-Up Bootie

Great for wearing between rehearsals and performances!

6. Pack 2 Rack Competition Storage Bag

Rolls, folds and holds up to 15 costumes!

7. Gel Knee Pads

Great for floorwork and protecting knees while learning new skills.

8. Balance Board

Improve core strength and stability for better control in pirouettes.

9. Ankle Weights

Gain strength by requiring your muscles to resist against added weight. Leaps and leg extensions increase after using weights, then removing them.

10. Bobby Pin Magnetic Holder

Keep all those continually disappearing bobby pins in one place! And, it comes in our signature mint green color!