The Gifts of Gratitude

The dictionary defines gratitude as an expression of being grateful and showing deep appreciation for a benefit or kindness. What it doesn’t say is that gratitude itself is a gift!  In fact, here at Destination Arts, we believe there are many gifts that gratitude offers—to yourself and to others.

For example, did you know that showing gratitude actually benefits your health, both physically and emotionally?  Research has shown that for adults and children alike, being consciously thankful can ease stress, improve sleep, boost self-esteem, and offer protection from negativity.

And gratitude propels you to pay it forward.  If you’re grateful for your friendships, then in turn you are kind to others.  If you are grateful for the food you eat, then you feel compelled to share.  If you’re grateful for the joy of dance, then you lift up those around you with your joy!

Gratitude is an endless gift, because you can both accept it and give it away, over and over again.  It is an awesome power.  So during this season of giving and beyond, we hope you’ll join us in recognizing the gifts that being thankful brings, and to let gratitude guide your heart.

So VERY Grateful for you,

The Destination Arts Staff